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Searching data in bitrix24, Non "CRM FILTER" search
Searching in Bitrix from the global search at the top of the page, with drop down suggestions is a fantastic feature to let you find that data spread out in different areas, but I have not been able to see it function in a few key areas.... for example:

Non English Characters: Contact names (non english) can be found through a filter search in the CRM filter, however contact names that are not in English cannot be found through the Top search or the CRM search.

Lead, Contact, Deal Phone Numbers: Again, could be found in the filtered search, but not in the top or crm search. However, employees phone numbers may be found from the top search.

Comments: Can be searched in filters, but not in top search

Ive uploaded some pictures to show more clearly, pleas elet me know if I'm doing somethign wrong..


Search for lead phone number in top search bar...

Search result for lead phone number in top search bar....

Search for lead phone number in (right side)CRM search field

Search result from (right side) CRM Search from lead phone number

Search for Chinese Name from lead, no result from top search field

English name brings drop down results fine....
Edited: Jacob Wilson - 02/19/2014 09:45:42
Hi Jacob,

As for search by phone number - this option is currently not available, I've put the suggestion to our Dev team, they are working on it.

As for chinese names and comments search - please contact our Help Desk.

Kind Regards,

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