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Disk space usage and folder size

First of all I wan't to say that Bitrix24 is a great product, continue with good work.

I have a problem, we are using a free Cloud package and disk space limit is 5GB. We are currently using 4GB and closing to the limit. I'm not sure where did we occupy 4GB, because we don't have that much info and files. Desktop client tells me that company files are using 3.5GB of space. Is there any way I can find out which files are using that space, so I can delete them and make some room. I suspect that maybe versions of files and trash is somewhat responsible for some part, but not for all and I don't know which trash becaus I emptyed company files trash. I maped company files as network drive to check total size, I got that it is 35MB.

Hi Denis,

Thanks for your feedback! Please contact our Help Desk with the same message. Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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