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Sharing rules, How the sharing rules are working?

I need to create a folder for sharing files with some company employees. I need to establish access rules for each file in the folder. The first step I had shared the folder to the persons I was interested. Then I had established access rules for each file in the folder. First problem was that the file has inherited the rules of the folder, which mean that I can not select to whom I want to share the file. Instead I had to select all the others persons, which I don’t want to have access to the file and to chose “Access denied”. So far so good and I can live with that. The problem has appeared when I had to share the folder to another person (new employee). Then all the rules for each file, has been restored with the inherited rules. That mean, that I have to take all the work of changing the file access rules for each file in the folder for the very beginning. Is there any way to avoid this problem? Do you have a description on how the sharing rules are working in bitrix24.

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Hi Mihai,

The option of access limitations to specific files via Company Drive - is not available, because Company drive is designed as place to share files for all users (common documents), that is why the files in this section inherit parent folder access permissions.

 You can either create workgroups (for example by departments) - and share files there, or you can upload these files to your drive (My drive) and set access permissions to specific persons there - please note that to view the shared file the other user would need to open your profile page from their account and click Drive - the user will see only the file(s) - you shared with him\her.

Kind Regards,

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