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Create new docs in Bitrix
      as of now, I have only been able to create new documents by using the activity stream (new post including a document), there you have the option of creating a new document.

Is there any other way?

For example, it would be practical to have a button under "Drive" or even under "New" up on the upper lefthand corner (there is already "New -> Upload files"). And then have the abilitiy to create a new document, either using the local program on the cmputer or office or gdocs...

it seems funny, that there is no other way to do this?
Hi Zac,

Thanks for the suggestion - I'll pass it to to our dev team.

Kind Regards,

How does this work, when you pass suggestions to the dev team?
What is the chance of some things being worked on?
Do you happen to have a road map of features that are being worked on, so that we, as customers, can have something to look forward to :-)

It's a rather lengthy process, the developers constantly receive an amount of feature requests, then evaluating if it should be implemented or not, if yes they put it into the strategic dev plan, and so on. But at the same time the process is quite flexible so we can change the order which features are demanded mostly - can be implemented earlier. As you may have noticed what we try to do - is a complex all-in-one solution which can cover all aspects of business daily operations for small to mid-sized companies and enterprises. That is why we implement step by step - stay tuned for our upcoming releases!


you guys really are great, i'm glad to have found you last month.
it would be even better to see this kind of roadmap (maybe blog...) of what features are coming next, and when the next releases are :-)
Hm... We need to think about it :-) BTW our next release will be at the end of May :-)

Thanks for your feedback - good to know that!

Yana + Team:

+10000 to Zac's request. The creation of new documents is rather cryptic at the moment, and appears to be "hidden" under only one place, the Activity Stream, as mentioned before. It would be a much better user experience to include this in the "New" area of the Drive, and anywhere it makes sense.

Additionally, please add the ability to create Drawings and Forms in Google Docs as well. Right now, you have no means of creating a diagram or flow chart, like Vizio, for example. Google Docs offers this for free along side its Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, and Forms.

Please add Forms as well. Or better yet, enable an extensible way to add anything Google adds to Docs / Drive, as you seem to be relying on their tools for document creation.

All for now.

Thank you!

Edited: Steven James Burks - 08/05/2014 03:50:03
Hi Steven,

Thanks for the suggestions, can I ask you to advise the following?:

you have no means of creating a diagram
you can via Google Docs>spreadsheet  - or are you talking about any other diagram style\work scenario?

Please add Forms
FYI - we have new marketplace app for Bitrix24 - Form Constructor  - maybe you can advise if this can be a solution or do you need google forms anyway ( possible scenarios will be helpful). Thanks.

flow chart, like Vizio
I would kindly ask you to explain the usage scenario - for us to understand, thanks a lot!

enable an extensible way to add anything Google adds to Docs

I see your point :-) just more details will help a lot!

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