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Drive structures are confusing
Hi there,
I'm a bit confused.
When I for example want to move a file, the file structures are shown as:

The folders "Software", "Sales", "Customer Care", "AFFTIX-Allgemein" as well as "Account Mgmt" are not MY (Brown) folders, but rather are the automatically created folders from the project groups.

Is this correct? They should not be listed under my name, but rather under the company, or?

this seems to be causing some user-right-problems...
Hi Zac,

The name of the folder is Bitrix24 by default - it looks like you've renamed it to "Brown" (if I'm not wrong) - and you still can rename it. As for now Bitrix24.Disk cannot be fully integrated with Company Drive by one action, which means you need to permit synchronization for the chosen folders inside, same for groups drives, after all - all of these files are synchronized at one place at your local machine - this particular folder, that can be named\renamed as you wish.

Please advise if I lost the point of your message - or maybe you've meant something different, hope this answers your question.

Thank you.

Zac, I see now what you are talking about - sorry I didn't get it in the begining, this is the folder name inside Bitrix24 portal. How do you suggest it should be named? Or how would be more logical for the folders names to be orginized?

Thank you.

but is there a chance that when a colleague opens this "file tree", that there are different folders?
I figured that these Project-Group Standard folders (in my case: "Software", "Sales", "Customer Care", "AFFTIX-Allgemein" as well as "Account Mgmt") belong to the COMPANY and not to MY account...?
These files should all be gathered together in one place - due to access permissions you as user have, for example if you are a member of the group sales - and have access permissions to this group - in this case the files can be uploaded to your local machine, etc. It means your colleague will have group of files depending on her access permissions.

Inside each workgroup>drive - there is an option "make group drive accessible via my drive" - if you do not enable it, the files of the group will not be available to the group members via My drive .

yeah, that makes sense with the drive and accessibility.
i was confused by this "tree", because technically these files from the project groups belong to the group and not to me.
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