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Upload Files not working - expired or not-yet valid certificate, The java file uploader is blocked as the certificate has expired 19th April 2014
On trying to use the java multiple file uploader I get the following certificate related errors:

Edited: Mike Paterson - 06/09/2014 20:47:23 (added certificate expiry date)
Hi Mike, thanks for reporting, we'll take care of this.

Kind Regards,

I am going nuts. I've updated Java like 17 times and have tried multiple browsers on multiple machines (Mac and PC) and I can not for the life of me get the Multiple document uploader to work. I keep getting errors and it keeps telling me to install Java WHICH I HAVE ALREADY DONE A HUNDRED TIMES. It is such a waste of time to upload things one by one. There has GOT to be a work around for this. PLEASE HELP.
Hi Aschley,

Unfortunately after each Java updates we are obliged to revise this module configuration, please use Drive sync to upload multiple files to your Drive, you can run this via your Desktop app - a special folder will be created on your computer (Bitrix24) - you can drag & drop files or folders there & they will be automatically synched to "My Drive" in Bitrix24.


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