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Would love to switch back to Bitrix...but for accounting
We started out using Bitrix, and think that the platform is really great...except for using it as a total solution for managing/knowing how money moves in our business.  Bitrix does not:

-have any sort of billing system (yes, there are invoices, but no way for Bitrix to manage/track payments against those invoices to see if they are closed/late/etc.)
-have any way of tracking the "cost" of doing business...If something that we sell for $10 costs us $8 to procure, Bitrix only shows a $10 profit...not at $2 profit

...and more along those lines...

I see a ton of people on this forum talking about their issues and delights with invoicing, etc......but for those of you who DO use Bitrix for CRM and invoicing and do you deal with these shortcoming of Bitrix around tight control of money-knowledge?  How do you handle accounting that does not resort to someone "knowing what to do" but rather, having a more automated workflow for money issues?  I mean there are LOTS of people using the CRM...but I cannot see how people use it, that does not integrate manual processes for the handling and reporting of how money transfers in a running business.

We would even purchase the software and run it on our own servers, but from other posts on this forum., the Bitrix admins have said that they are "looking into financial flow in a late 2014 release, if then"...and that is a real deal killer for us.

Hi Nick,

Thanks a lot for your post, we appreciate this! For sure we are thinking about this development direction, your posts help of course in this regard. Maybe we can talk more precise about this option later.

I would be happy to give any feedback to help make Bitrix I said we switched away so we could have more of a complete solution for tracking money, but Bitrix is FAR better in all other aspects and we would love to switch back.

The easiest way is to track one unit of currency (for me it is the Dollar) and how it flows in a company.  A product is listed, then sold.  But the flow of money is more complex than that, there are costs for listing the product, costs of procuring it, and the company needs to know that the dollar that the customer said they would give to us, in fact did get to our checking account, etc.  Even if there were an integration into another accounting service on the net that was perfectly worked out, that would be fine, but I think that you/Bitrix has everything it needs to do this really well!
Thanks for your kind words Nick! We'll consider this development direction for sure.

I agree with Nick Kioski, Bitrix is far the best solution I've found online, indeed it saved us a bucks by switching to it. However we did find some thoughts for improvement.
For example in my country, we must be able to send 2 invoices, one for downpayment and a second one for balance (Downpayment date would be displayed on final invoice).
Or quote requesting a downpayment of x% and on the invoice the remainder balance with the date the downpayment was paid and minus that amount giving the owing balance.
For example, it would be nice, if Bitrix allowed us to enter that downpayment sum before setting it as fully paid/closed.
Obviously a tracking would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Fernando!

As I've said in another topic we will consider this suggestion later, thank you!


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