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Multiple Responsible Persons
Can I assign a lead to more than one responsible person?
Hi Maily,

This option is not available.

Hi Yana,

When can we have this option available? I also need this feature in our company setup. Is there a work around for this with the current system?

Our business setup is as follows, for a deal, we have to have 2 or more responsible sales personnel, 1 is the account holder, the other 1 is the product holder, and both should have the capability to edit and update the deal.

Best regards,

Hi Raymond,

I'm not sure we'll change the logic in the upcoming releases, what I can propose as a work around - access permissions (CRM>Settings>Access Permissions) can be granted for " own & department" - if your managers are working in teams, you can separate them in different sales departments & create such an access role for them. One will stay as a responsible for the deal, but others form the same team will also be able to view & edit this deal. At the same time the other sales team won't ahve access to this team's deals.

Kind Regards,

Hi Yana, is there any update on this request, I hope that this will be included in the next upgrade.
Hi Yana, please advise if there is any update on this, the thing is, I can't do a work around as you suggested here is an example of our company structure for sales:

Sales Personnel 1- Product A
Sales Personnel 2- Product B
Sales Personnel 3- Product C

Sales Personnel 4- Customer A
Sales Personnel 5- Customer B
Sales Personnel 6- Customer C

When we make a DEAL, we need to assign this to 1 Sales Personnel handling a product and 1 Sales Personnel Handling a Customer. Say DEAL 1 is for Customer A and we are offering Product A, so Sales Personnel 1 and Sales Personnel 4 should be responsible.
Any updates on that?
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We don't have plans for multiple responsible persons for CRM records yet.


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