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Bulk record update, record update

The ability to add custom fields is very useful especially for customer objects. As new needs emerge new fields are created but this creates the need to populate them in bulk.

For example. We have added the field "account manager" for the customer object and we need to "bulk allocate" these to the account managers. Obviosly, opening each record and allocating one by one is not practical.

Is it possible to import an XLS with only the customer ID field and the "account manager" field (all other left blank) the the platform populating the account manager field appropriately?

Is there any other way of doing that?

thank you

Hi Chronis!

In Bitrix24 you can assign responsible person for the group of CRM items (in bulk), also you can edit several fields (e.f. string type) from the CRM items list. Please advise what is this custom field about - is it string or list type, or other? Also do you need to import the list of new CR items or are you trying to find a work around for changing a custom field for the existing list of items in bulk?


The field I'm trying to populate is a string field. Basically for each customer we add in the CRM, we allocate an account manager.

As the business evolves, account managers come and go, we need to change the custom field account manager in bulk. So when 100 customer records are allocated to account manager Bill now need to be reallocated to Nick, how do I do that?


Hi Chronis,

I see, I'm afraid only if you add this custom field to the leads list, filter your leads for those needed to be edited, then click edit & manually put the name of the accountant in the editable fields in the list (at least you don't need to open the lead one by one). I understand your scenario - as we developed this group action for changing responsible person for the group of leds in one action, but haven't come across similar scenario for custom fields. thank for the suggestion, we'll think about it.



I am trying to change the responsible person for all leads where that person is the responisble person as he has left the company and want to assign the leads to another person in bulk

How do I do this please?
Hi Richard,

I guess your problem is that the leads filter does not allow to limit leads search results by the name of the dismissed employee - as the filter search does not propose it anymore. In this case you have 2 options:

1) hire user again, filter leads by his\her name > apply group action for the filtered leads. Dismiss the user
2) if you don't have a big amount of leads - click on the responsible person field in the leads list - the list will reordered and the leads will appear grouped by responsible - it will make the navigation easier, manually tick the leads belonging to the dismissed user and apply group action to change the responsible user.


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