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accessing CRM fields in business processes, CRM fields business process

let me describe the problem. I have created a process whereby each time a deal is created a new task is created for a person. To generate a description for the task I want to get access to CRM elements associated with the deal.


I want to create the following text:

"Please follow up the new deal created for Customer XYZ. The Customer's source is ABC and the customer's address is EFG"
How do I get access to the fields XYZ, ABC and EFG which are elements of the customer that the deal is binded with? The document fields has only a limited number of fields I can use not to mention that for example the customer's address field is not recorded in the deal object and I'll have to reference it via the customer object that the deal is associated with.

Is there a tutorial about that or more info?


Hi Chronis,

This can be done only in Bitrix24 self-hosted version via action "PHP Code", which is not available in the Cloud.

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