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Territory Management, Is it possible to use Bitrix24 for simple territory management with different permissions for countries?
I recently researched several different CRM options and really liked Bitrix24 for all it offers, especially free version for several users.
I am starting up a company over an extended territory and will have a few employees each responsible of a different area.
I need all contacts within the CRM to be easily divided into their countries, and have clear permissions for my employees to only be able to work on the clients within their region. I would be the only one with access to the whole region.
Is this feasible with Bitrix24 in a simple way? I have seen several permissions options but couldn't find an easy way of doing this, I would like to know if it is possible at all before I continue learning and using Bitrix24.
Any suggestion?

Thank you!
Hi Sacha!

Bitrix24 does not provide Territory management module for the CRM as a pre-maid functionality. What you can do is create different employees departments (call it "Europe", "Asia", "Africa", etc) & in the CRM>settings>Access permissions create a role for the department with access = personal, department & subdepartments" and grant your departments with this role. In this case they will only have access e.g. Africa - only to CRM items associated dwith their department. Please note that access cannot be restricted for the product catalog.

Thank you Yana,

ok I think that could work, however in the actual CRM when I add a company there is not even a specific field for the country...How would I assign that?
You can create a new custom field & call it "country" - either "string" type - so that you can type in the name when creating a new lead\contacts\company or list type - with pre-set countries to choose from. Then you'll be able to filter your companies by country field name & group assign these companies to 1 responsible from your team. - if I understood your question right.

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