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Product paramaters, Product paramaters

Our products have parameters that can not be defined in advanced so as to be defined as different products.

For example we offer customers virtual machines. The product is defined by the number of cores, memory and storage.

So I want to be able to make an offer for 10 VMs with 2cores, 4MB memory and 100GB storage, only the 2, 4, 100 to be defined at the time of the offer without having to define the specific configuration (the number of configurations is virtually endless, especially the storage component could be anything)....

how do I do that?

Hi Chronis,

You may try to create new products on the go - when creating new deal\invoice there is an option to create new product. Another solution is that you choose a product & add details in the comments in the invoice or type in the pre-maid custom fields in the deals (e.g. core, memory, storage, etc).

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