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Deal Stage Progress Settings/Association -Sales Funnel Settings
I have imported 300 or so deals from zoho crm potentials. I have about 20 different deal stages and I set up the stages in the Bitrix 24 selection lists setting to match first so when I have run the import they all seem to match up ok.

However, the 5 bar graphic which is meant to gauge the progress of the deal is not of any relevance to the stage. i.e, a deal with 1 of the closed stages towards the bottom of my list is showing as not started in the graphic and thenfore flagging up too as needing attention.

Is there a way to edit which stages link to which status bar. i.e, i could set stage 0-4 as being 0, 5-19 being 1 bar etc??

Also at the moment  in the sales funnel page a lot of the stages are displayed but the value is not being totalled in the Amount column.
Edited: Tom O'Loughlin - 10/13/2014 01:42:54
Hi Tom!

Please contact theHelpdesk with stages screenshots (what you want & want you get). Thank you.

Kind Regards,

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