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Can I invoice a customer in a foreign currency?, what do the different currencies actually do in Bitrix24 and how I can use them
Hi. Question in relation to Invoices in Bitrix24 cloud.

In CRM settings, I have two currencies, EURO and USD.  The exchange rate is entered and the default currency is EURO.

When I create a company or contact, I have the option to choose their default currency.  For one particular customer, their default currency is USD.  When I create a deal, I can also sel ect the currency to be USD.

However, when I create an invoice fr om this deal, I have no option to choose a currency.  It is automatically set to the default currency, EURO.

The prices in the USD deal has been converted to the EURO invoice. (i.e. $300 = €234)

I would like to invoice this customer in USD.  Is this possible?

I hope my description above is clear.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 10/16/2014 12:48:10
Hi Patrick,

I got it, but unfortunately invoices can be created in one default currency only (now). I'm afraid you need to change the default invoicing currency in CRM>Settings>Currencies  to be able to create invoice USD.  I've added your vote for this option (choose default currency from the invoice creation form). Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Ok. I tried that and it worked.  So I can always change the default currency whenever I need to invoice in an alternative currency and revert back when I'm finished.


Since I don't like the templating system (or payment methods as it's called), I have previously created a large background image with the details we require on it.  This includes the words "Prices are Quoted in EURO" (because by default there is nothing on the invoice to indicate what currency is being quoted).
This means I have had to duplicate the template and change this text to USD and select it on the "Payment Method" parameter.

I brought up this point about the templating before on this post (reply #28 )

Also in the webinar on Tues 14th Oct I asked a question "What are your plans for the expansion of the features in templating the Quotes & Invoices documents?", to which I got a reply:
"We plan to add print templates for all types of existing documents at the beginning of next year"...
Hi Patrick!

Thanks for bringing this subject up. We'll think about your observation & how  we can modify the invoices & quotes templates\settings (sorry about the answer, the print option has been asked several times during the webinar).


We have an international sales team in four different countries. The invoicing is done to the local currency so each deal or company effectively need to have different invoicing currency. I noticed in this discussion that this will be marked to be done. Any ideas when? Its very crucial.  
Hi Mahmoud!

I understand this option is quite useful, but unfortunately not the fastest & easiest thing to implement at our end, I'm afraid it is not coming in the nearest update. Though we still considering it for the future.


I have two currencies, EURO and USD so +1
Hi Andrey,

Thanks for your vote.


Just some feedback since my last post nearly 2 years ago.

Currently, what we do is this:
  • A PDF can easily be made in any currency for quotes, so there is no issue here.
  • For invoices, we now only issue invoices at the end of the month. This way, we create all invoices in the default currency together, then change the settings and invoice in other currencies together.

It is not the most idea solution but it means we don't need to keep changing settings every time we want to invoice in a foreign currency. We only do that once a month in bulk.

Although, its saddening to hear that after 2 years this is still an issue that has seen no progress.
Hi Patrick!

Thanks for the feedback. We were planning to perform some updates for invoices this spring, but shifted it for this fall. Hope we'll be able to present them in November / December.


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