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How to update Lead Information?, Updating a Lead
I added a lead but didn't put the Source. I hit edit on the Lead but the Source field does not come up.

Also, when I added another lead it put the in the Lead column New Lead instead of the person's name like the others I have added via a CSV file. Can I change that as well?
Hi Robin!

About Lead names - if you'll open new lead creation form you will see that there are several fields associated with leads names:

Lead Name - is a general nae you give to a lead (e.g. lead from Mary, theater, Janny, etc - anything you may call it for fast & easy work with it in future)
Contact details: - real first & last names for leads
Last name
First name

In other words, while importing you don't have field = lead name, that is why this field stays empty with New lead default value, make sure you've filled it in your import file, or when matching the fields, match lead name with true lead names for better listing after import is compleleted.

For lead status - while editing please check if the status is not in the hidden fields section.

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