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Parent/Child Relationship, How to set up?
I need to keep track of employees, spouses, children, and policy information on each person.  I also need to go down a few levels in company.

Joe Smith, wife: Sarah, children Tom and Alice.
Joe works for Towels Inc, in the dye department, and is a checker. He is also in the union.
For the spouse and children, only basic information like name, birthdate, address,and policy need to be kept.

All contact is only with Joe.

How would I set this up?

Please advise.

Thank You.
Hi Debra!

Bitrix24 CRM contacts section does not support the described above sub - dependence, neither does the Employees section. The only workaround I can suggest is that you create a company - e.g. The Smiths & associate several contacts (family members) with this company.

Kind Regards.

Yana, is there an update to this position statement from 2014?
Hi Peter,

It depends on your task. The company \organization can have several child departments, same user may belong to several departments at the same time.


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