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Email Template signatures, Sharing Email Templates with Sales people

I want  to set templates up that other sales people can use. This seems to allowed as you can set access for use by just yourself or anyone. But it does not allow for the fact that each
salesperson with have a different email sigature with different contact details at the bottom of their email.

I can get access to #responsible person as a footer but need the phone numbers and other details to print on the outgoing email as well which are different for each sales person.

How can this be done please
Hi Richard!

I see what you mean, right now only sales manager's name can be automatically added to the email template. Thanks for the good suggestion, I've passed it to the devs. (I don'r think we'll add the possibility in the upcoming release, but we'll consider this option for future releases).


The email template needs to pick up the responsible persons contact details including Name, Position, phone numbers and email address

This information already exists in employee file where the responsible person's details exist - so perhaps we can link to that data?
Not in the Cloud version for sure, we need to add a new parameter to the email template menu for that.


I face the same situation.
I would like to create a sort of Email signature using Email template such as:

Name Surname
Mob: 03020302230

From email template i can use only name field and position field. I think number and email could be really useful!
same here
You can add email address & phone number as well as text and use links option to mark them.


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