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Display Sales Funnel/Report on an external site, Bitrix Stats in external site/intranet
Hello all,

  I am creating a dashboard for internal use only.  It is a web page coded in asp.Net/VB.Net  To this end I would like to display the sales funnel for Bitrix, and maybe even a few other stats from Bitrix on this dashboard.  Is there any way that I can do this?

Hi Rhys!

All interactions with external sites are performed via REST API. See our website page for developers for general information or our REST API Help Guide. for tech details.


Thank you for the feed back, but the REST API, as far as I can tell, is a little to advanced for what I need, all that I need is the ability to display the sales funnel on an internal, i.e. on the company network, webpage.

Any thing to do that?
Dear Rhys!

I see what you mean, by technically it is the same - even if you need it for internal needs & your own website, this works like integration with external (different form Bitrix24) system, so I'm afraid this is possible only via REST API.

Maybe we can consider for future  the possibility to add  new option - like e.g. "export CRM Sales Funnel to PDF" (or other format). What do you think?


Hi Yana,

I think it would be better if you could have a link to the sales funnel that could be displayed on an external site, the same would be helpful for any report on the system, something like a share link, that allows iFrame maybe.

WRT to using REST API, I could not find functionality in the documentation for viewing a part of the application such as a report or the funnel, what part of the API would I use?

Thank you
Sales Funnel is constructed on the base of deals, so you need to see Deals section - but this can be quite complicated as you can extract not the funnel itself but deals data - so you need to create an app that will build the sales funnel from scratch for you. I suggest this is not the option for you :-) At least if this is not what you are looking for :-)  Let's say we are talking about a feature request
something like a share link, that allows iFrame maybe.

I'll pass it to the devs.


HI Yana,

I will give the REST API a try then, I am just a part time code monkey, so I will give it a bash or wait for the feature.  I am a partner, but is there not something else that I have to register for to be able to write an app?

Thank you very much for always answering our questions so quickly and efficiently.
Hi Nicky! :)

Bitrix REST API is available to our partners and clients, however, only Bitrix partners can create and offer their apps in Bitrix Marketplace (will be launched by FEB 2015).


Hi Yana, that was Rhys, I am just logged in on Nicky's account to create reports for here. ;)
Ok :D
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