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CRM: Trouble with Lead Views
Hi Yana,
We have been reviewing Bitrix CRM for our company and we are facing an issue with viewing Leads across department/user groups.
Currently only users assigned the administrator role seem to be able to access leads whereas employees in other departments assigned different roles are unable to view any of the Leads.

They are able to view personal leads only. Have set "access permission= All" for various roles and assigned the role to respective users.
Request assistance on sorting out this issue.


Edited: Amit Thakkar - 01/14/2015 10:28:52
Hi Amit!

Please contact our Helpdeskwith the following screenshots:
- CRM>Settings>Access Permissions main page (where your roles & users are listed)
- CRM>Settings>Access Permissions>Role X settings ( screenshot of access settings of the role of manager who does not see the leads as desired)

Thank you!

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