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Stock Control and sales input, Startup stock control and sales management
We are entrepreneurs in argentina building a furniture brand and we are very interested in using your product  to manage our business. However, we have found a few functions missing four our needs.
1-we d like to know when product catalogue exportations will be available, we have read online that you are working on it. We need t share our price list with our customers, we have today an excell sheet to do this outside bitrix. And a way to control our stock
2-another problem we have encountered is that we would like to register sales without creating invoices, and if there  isn t a way to do this, how can we print an invoice to use it only as an internal document (to be sent to our accountant to create the real invoice)

so to summ up, these are our problems with your platform:

-stock control
-sales registration without invoices (we have our own invoices in Argentina and they are not supported by your software)
-catalogue export.

thank you very much for your time, all in all bitrix is working perfectly for CRM and tasks.


Belén and Nicolas
industrial designers.
Hi Nicolas!

Unfortunately I cannot advise for sure for the product catalog export option - it may be added later.
For sales registration I can suggest deals or you can create invoices but not send them to customers but use for your internal needs, download as pdfs, print or click send via email & send to your accountant's email address or other employees.
Stock control feature is not planned for now.


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