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Unable to delete converted lead!, Unable to delete converted lead!

I am currently working with the CRM function basicly to learn and see how LEADS work.

At the moment i've converted a LEAD into company, contact and deal. And my next step is to remove this again. Since this was just "playing" around!

Ive been searching around for topics similar to this and tried several things suggested from other threads.

I have deleted everything related to this tryout lead, so not contact, company or deal is related to this LEAD!

When going to CRM -> LEADS -> I have this lead which has the status "converted". I'm trying to delete, but when the page refreshes, the lead still there. I do not get any message such as "Cannot delete the converted lead "...." because there are companies and contacts linked to it. Please delete these items and then try again."

Ive checked twice if anything is related to this lead, and im pretty sure there is nothing.

How do I delete this lead?

Best Regards,
Rasmus Vinther Andersen
Nevermind. I found it. Found a admin in the company who was able to delete it from me!

Hugs n' kisses!
I have an ERROR 404 in my CRM since a couple of hours, which means I cannot access my contacts nor leads... What can I do?

Also, I have seen some forum discussion from 2013/14 about the fact that we are not able to delete a lead once it has been converted to a contact / company.  Has that been corrected yet by the developers? It is very important to me, and also that the history of the lead follows when it is converted to a contact! If not, it'd be better to just start off with a contact directly.

Hi Nadia!

We're aware of the problem & are working hard on it's fix currently. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Have same problem by in CRM module

suddenly add new lead opens 404 page not found error, Urgent!!! add new company give same 404 error.

Think this is related to Prima TELEcom app which require access to CRM.
I removed it as I don't need it and my CRM module broke.
Hi Andrey!

The problem was not related to that, it has been fixed already. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Yana Prokopets wrote:
Hi Nadia!

We're aware of the problem & are working hard on it's fix currently. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi Yana,

I had the same problem. Are there something that I can do in the configurations or I should open a ticket ?

Hi Denis,

The problem is already fixed, it was caused by our new updates and not related to your account in particular. Thanks for reporting.


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