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Downpayment and Balance on Invoice, Options to request downpayment and display balance on invoice
Hi there, firstly I would like to add that Bitrix is far the best solution I've found online, indeed it saved us a bucks by switching to it.
However we did find some thoughts for improvement.

For example in my country, we must be able to send 2 invoices, one for downpayment and a second one for balance (Downpayment date would be displayed on final invoice).
Or a quote requesting a downpayment of x% and on the invoice the remainder balance with the date the downpayment was down and minus that amount giving the owing balance.
For example, it would be nice, if Bitrix allowed us to enter that downpayment sum before setting it as fully paid/closed.
Obviously a tracking would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Fernando!

We will think about it when we'll start to work closer with 3-rd parties accounting services that will cover the payment process itself further. Thanks for the observation.


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