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Email user from custom fields, When BP run the user's names become their system numbers.
I'm attempting to send out automated emails listing the installers who will be working together on a job, the email uses the custom fields 'installer 1', 'installer 2' and 'installer 3' sending out the following information in the BP.
A new Deal has been assigned to you;

Name: {=Document:TITLE}
Address: {=Document:UF_CRM_1401808463}
Postcode: {=Document:UF_CRM_1399458736}
Phone: {=Document:UF_CRM_1399458394}
Email: {=Document:UF_CRM_1399458410}

Comments: {=Document:COMMENTS}

Installers: {=Document:UF_CRM_1421768935}, {=Document:UF_CRM_1421768953}, {=Document:UF_CRM_1421769018}

Preferred System Install Date: {=Document:UF_CRM_1418992891}
Building Work: {=Document:UF_CRM_1418992938}
Drilling: {=Document:UF_CRM_1418993003}
Oil Removal: {=Document:UF_CRM_1418993431}
Access: {=Document:UF_CRM_1418993861}
Pellets FOC: {=Document:UF_CRM_1418994132}

When the email is sent however the custom fields which are set as 'Bind to User' do not display the staff names but show as:

Installers: user_22, user_6, user_1

Would there be any way to override this and display the names instead?
Many Thanks
- Tez Grant
how can I unsubscribe from this forum "Automatically generated messages".

I don't find the way to disable automatic mailing
Click the link in the email bitrix sent you then scroll to the top of the page and click unsubscribe, alternatively post test messages elsewhere please.
Hi Nicolas!

First, when you create new messages here there is an option "subscribe" that is enabled by default, you can switch it of while creating a new forum message:

After, when you have alreday posted your messages & are subscribed by default, you can always unsubscribe with the right top corner tab:


No solution for the custom fields question Yana?
Dear Tez,

Please contact our Helpdesk with this BP question. Thank you.


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