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Display of Deal Amounts, Issue with the total deal amount when Not using US Dollar as the currency
Hi Yana,

We are facing an issue with the Total Deal amount when converting a lead to deal.
The issue is the calculation of the entire deal amount. Our deals require calculation in Indian Rupees(INR) but the CRM tool seems to only calculate the total deal amount if it's in US Dollar.
When we use INR as the currency for deals the total deal amount is not displayed for any individual deal.
Request your assistance on the same.


Hi Amit!

If your lead was in INR & you haven't changed it in the conversion form to another cuurency, the converted deal should be in INR too. If you add the products to the deal after, the currency is automatically changed to INR (if diffrent) too.

Please contact our Helpdeskwith steps screenshots (cerrency fields) & more details. Thanks.


Hi Lana,

I have a similar problem uploading leads. Some of the records are uploaded with no problem at all, but some are not uploaded and I get the same message in red for all: "The "Possible amount of deal" field contains invalid characters." This seems very strange to me, as I don't even have a field "Possible amount of deal".

Kind Regards,

Hi Joris,

Not sure what the problem is about - please report this to our Helpdesk - they will assist.


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