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BUG: Incorrect link URL, A link on bitrix does not take me to the correct place.

I have noticed, when viewing an INVOICE there is a link which does not take me to the correct page.

As you can see in my attached file, there are two links in the invoice information - one should bring to the linked deal, the other to the linked quote.

However, the QUOTE link does not bring me to the quote, it links back to the invoice (i.e. almost like a page refresh). So, to get to the quote, I have to first go to the deal and then the quote tab at the bottom.

I thought you ought to know :)
birtix-bug.PNG (3.53 Kb)
Dear Patrick!

Please report this to our Helpdesk (if you remember the steps - what CRM record you have craeted first & which one you have connected to it after - it would be very helpful, as we don't observe the problem currently). Thank you!


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