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Contacts field not showing up on Company page, Even though it is enabled, not hidden and there is a contact connected with the company, the contact field does not show.
See images.

The "contact" field used to show up on the company page when there was a contact for that company, but for some reason it does not show up anymore.  When I edit the fields and make sure that it is not "hidden," and save the company page, the contact field still does not show up.

On the contact's page however, the company field does show.

Thank you for the help.
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Same here! Any advice?
If you have checked the hidden fields already, try to reset the form - right top settings menu of the contact form - reset settings.


We are having the same problem on all of our computers this morning. We can see the address listed below a company, but if we click EDIT then the address boxes completely disappear. If we save it or cancel editing, then the address is visible again. Nothing is hidden and we clicked RESET and still the same results. And, if we add a new company there is nowhere to add the address of the company. Thanks for the help.
Hi Allen,

Currently the address field for contacts and companies is not displayed in your Bitrix24. This is a temporary issue connected with Bitrix24 CRM module updates. You can now add company or contact address under Contact details - add new Legal person - Address.

Please note that this issue is temporary & address field will be put back after the updates. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Good morning Yana,

have you solved this issue or we still need to add a legal person to show the address in the company page?


This is still a problem
Is there a work around for this? Other than adding custom fields to Contact?

It will be helpful to see the address in the app as a link to open up in Maps app.  
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