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I want my salesman after login see only (The CRM )

I need a help :)

I want my salesman after login see only (The CRM ) only for add Leads. I don't want him to see every thing!!!

Hoe could do that? (Please step by step)

Thank you,
Best Regards,

In Bitrix24 Cloud version you can't hide all intranet sections (like My workspace, company, etc.) except CRM for particular users. Each user can use left menu settings tab to hide sections he\she doesn't need.

CRM access permissions can be set in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions - here you can set specific permissions for eacch CRM role, e.g. leads access available to add & read only. See more in our Training course & FAQ.


Thank you for reply,

Now my (Salesman) after login in the left menu he can access every things :(

1- He can go to (COMPANY) -- (Employee) --- Then he can see the online Employees and managers :( and he can give a task for any mangers :( What I have to do? the salesman should be with a limited access and limited actions ... Not like the managers 100% !!!  :o

2- Also in the left menu the salesman see (Upgrade)  :o this not his business to make (Upgrade)....

3- Also in the left menu the salesman see (Absence Chart)  :o this not his business to to see the (Absence Chart) of my company....

Please help to avoid that ?? :cry:

I'm a new to bitrix24 for that I'm asking  :)
You can restrict access to Company, absence chart, employees, etc. only in Bitrix24 self-hosted version. Please note that the self-hosted version has control panel, API & source code available - so it can be customized according to your needs.

In the cloud such sections as company employees, absence chart, etc - are open for all intranet users, so that any employee can find the necessary contact within own company & see whether this person is available or absent.


Dear Yana,

Thank you for your reply.

Does the (self-hosted version) Free for 12 Users also ?

Best Regards,
No, the self-hosted version comes with control panel, API & source codes available. It also has additional modules such as Helpdesk, e-learning, blogs, idea management, etc. It also provides more integration & customization possibilities. Prices are one time fee.


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