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Please I have 2 questions, (I don't want the users change the fields like Delete+Rename+rearrange)+(How to Make the fields as required)

Please I have 2 questions:

1:/ I face a problem with the users because they can change the fields in form as (Delete+Rename+rearrange) see the attached picture.

I want to be the form Fixed and I don't want any User change the fields in form (Delete+Rename+rearrange) Please help to do that?

2:/ Now the standard fields in the "Lead form" all the fields not marked as required ( * )!!... How could I make them as required fields ( * ) ?

Note: I want to change the current fields to be as required
fields (Not adding a new fields).

Thank you
Lead-Form.JPG (43.14 Kb)

Access permissions can be set in CRM>Settings>Access Permissions - there you may limit access to CRM records to "read" or "add" only.

Unfortunately default fields can not be set as required, but administrator can configure the form & save the preferencies for all users. (default fields can only be hidden not totally deleted)


Dear Yana

Thank you for reply,

Please could you help me to make field like attached picture (Two Fields Next Each Other)?

[Phone]   [Phone work]

Please see the attached picture...
Sorry I forget attach the picture, I have attached it now
Form-.JPG (11.79 Kb)
Please could you help me how to make a new field like attached picture (Two Fields Next Each Other)?
Form-.JPG (11.79 Kb)
Not sure how you would like it to be.. - with "add" tab you can add new fields. you can also drag & drop fields horizontally (please note that you cannot put 2 fields like phone & email in one line)


Dear Yana Thank you so much :)

But please How could make the (Phone field as required *) ?

Note: I want the (Phone field as required) & (And Keep Two the Fields Next Each Other) "As attached picture".

Thank you :)
Form-.JPG (11.79 Kb)
You cannot make the default fields required at the moment (only custom made fields).

In case you use Bitrix24 self-hosted version - please contact our Helpdesk for the self-hosted versions.


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