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Calculating Revenue Opportunity over time
Hello Yana/Team

One last question for me on reporting within CRM whilst I'm here, please, and one I'd imagine resonates with service providers,

We have Opportunity values attributed to each deal (i.e. expected revenue). We also have a Yes/No field to identify whether the opportunity revenue is recurring; it's rare we make a one off deal. Can we calculate the true value when forecasting sales?

For example, I have a single deal:
Company A
Opportunity Amount = £1000
(custom field) Repeats monthly = yes
Expected close date : Dec

Dec = £1000
Jan = £1000
Feb - £1000

and so on. So the value over a time period, of say 3 months is £3000

Currently, we're exporting and manipulating that.

Thanks! :)
Edited: Lakhi Dhatt - 11/23/2015 17:21:59

Forecasting sales option is not provided, we don't have plans for this option for the upcoming releases, but may come back to it later. Thanks for asking.


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