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Pagenation Redevelopment?
I previously read a topic here about pagenation on Bitrix, but I can't find the topic any more!

Since your last update, Bitrix24 changed the way pagenation displays on the page.
I am under the assumption this was done to increase the speed at which pages load.

However, my colleagues always ask me if this will revert back to the old view.
The reason is simple:
When viewing a list of companies, the user wants to skip ahead to page 10 of the list results.  The only way they can do this is to click 'next' multiple times until they reach page 10.
In the past, they could simply just click the '10' link, which is now removed.

Please highlight this as a usability issue.
Edited: Patrick Keane - 11/23/2015 18:23:14
Is it any different in the paid version? Because this started happening when you moved some free features to a paid plan. (like history)
Hi Patrick!

Not yet, but we plan to change it later. Thanks for brinning the topic up.


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