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General crm question
I'm having a hard time forming a standard workflow within Bitrix24. Could someone point out what a stereotype lead workflow looks like?
I've imported thousands of leads fr om which I'd like to start.
For a certain lead I can:
- Create a quote
- Add products

and when they go in on the offer I convert the lead to a company. From the company I can potentially create an invoice.

I don't see how just creating a contact from a lead is useful as I lose the company in the process?
Wh ere do deals stand in this entire process? As I can create quotes and invoices from deals apparently.
If I create a quote on a lead it is not transfered to the company? Is this intended behavior? Should I create the quote again for each converted lead?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards,
Hi Steven!

The scenario is you start working with leads - your potential contacts and companies, while nothing is agreed yet you can send your leads quotes, but when the lead agrees - here you have a choice - convert lead to contact, company or deal. For example - you can convert lead to company and quote can be converted to deal or invoice. Deal can be further converted to invoice or a different quote. The logic is not very strict and this is done in purpose, as sales cycle can take unecpected wave - so in this case you may have a choice. In order to track your efficiency or gaps we recommend to use analytical reports for leads, deals and invoices (e.g. see this FAQ)


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