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crm and e-mails

I asked already several issues regarding e-mail integration. I know that I can use the Send&Save to have my e-mails copied to CRM. However, I still don't understand the workflow.

Right now I am using bitrix24 with own domain and Yandex as e-mail, still with own domain. What I want to achieve is that when I receive a mail (using Yandex), this mail ends up as a lead in the CRM. OR.. any custom action to send this e-mail as lead to the CRM. However, also follow-up mails should be assigned to the same lead.

How can I do this and what is the normal procedure of interaction between bitrix24 CRM and yandex mail?

thanks, max
Hi Mark!

Send&Save works same for Yandex & any other mail, you connect one email address it your incoming mails go through the Bitrix24 CRM, new mails appear as new leads (if the email address of the sender is nor recorded in Bitrix24 CRM yet), mails of know senders addresses are attached to the corresponding CRM records. If you need to have emails received at other email address (not the address you've configured in the CRM Email Integration) to appear in Bitrix24 - you need to forward them to the integrated with Bitrix24 email address here is how it works(p.2). Please note that you can do that only if you forward email message form the email address registered in Bitrix24 as intranet user address - otherwise  a new lead will be created.

If you meant anything different - please provide more details for your scenario. Thank you.


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