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Dashboard -> Lead Funnel, Not Realtime?
It look like my ‘Lead funnel’ under Dashboard is not real time . It reports (remembers) statuses that I filled in wrong. For example:  I have 7 leads. Its report 7 leads on fase 1 and 8 leads on fase 2?  In my opinion it must only visualise the statuses of the 7 leads I have in my CRM? Please help me to understand and when you consider a lead active?
(excuse for my English, I am not a native speaker)
Hi Herman,

First, please make sure you are not looking into the demo data (shown first time you open the report). Please check dashboard settings (each widget has own settings icon - where you can check the report period and other parameters)

If you still believe the report data is wrong - please contact our Helpdeskwith the screenshots & details. Thank you.


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