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Creating a task from a custom date field, Adding a custom task using date in customer information

I am trying to migrate fr om using highrise where I already have my tasks set up to remind me when renewals are due..

I have created a custom field where I am using for the renewal date reminder when I imported the CSV file.

Is there a way wh ere I can create a task automatically using the date in this field for each client?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Sophia,

Tasks, notifications or messages can be created automatically only with the help of business processes in the CRM (CRM >Settings > Automation > Business processes). Please see our Training Course or contact one of our certified partners to help.


Hi Sophia,

Highrise is integrated with Zapier, which is integrated with Bitrix24.
It may be possible to transfer your tasks to Bitrix24 using this path.
Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
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