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Modify Phone field in Business Process, Business Process CRM Modify Field
Hello Everyone,
We have leads being created automatically into Bitrix from the clients website
We are using the Telephony
All of the clients are USA based and the phone numbers need a 1 added to the 10 digit telephone number to be able to dial out through Bitrix
I have tried setting up a business process to accomplish this as there does not seem to be a way to have the system default to dialing a 1 plus the phone number
I setup a variable called Phone and then had the business process set the variable to 1{=Document:PHONE_WORK}
Then I added a modify document and set it to add the variable above
it is adding a new Phone Work  to the lead instead of modifying the current Phone Work Field
Any suggestions on how to get this to work correctly in the standard cloud version?
Hi John!

Please contact our Helpdesk - , with this details & your business process template screenshot. Thank you.


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