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Contact Form 7 redirect
I added Bitrix24 to my Contact Form 7 forms, and since we use many forms and basically the agents need to be able to quickly create one themselves we have found that Contact Form 7 works best.

The integration with Bitrix24 wasn't straight forward. We had to disable Ajax fr om the form to get it to work. Which leads in to my problem. Once the form i submitted we are stuck on the "{'error':'201','ID':'72','error_message':'Lead has been added.'}" page, which doesn't feel very intuitive for the end user. Since using ajax post request is not an option, is there any other way to get the user to return to the form (or somewh ere else?) in any way? I have tried adding on_sent_ok: "location = '';" without any luck.

Any ideas?

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are already using Bitrix24