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Business Process - Deals > Task
Dear Yana,

We generate different tasks from invidual Deal stages.  These tasks however can only be linked to the Deal through - "Bind to current CRM Entity" > Yes. In the Deals we insert important infos through CRM Items such as contact and company etc... We would like these infos to be automatically copied to the tasks created through Business processes.  As of now we have to edit/insert that manually after the tasks are created.  I'm not sure if this is supported automatically.

If not, please advise when the Business process "task" element will be updated.  It's a minimum feature for effective business processes. CRM Elements and Tasks is at the heart of Bitrix 24 and should be linkable through processes.

Hi Bernard,

We do not assist with BPs creation, feel free to contact one of our partners to build a business process for you.



We operate similarly to what you described. You can have the business process automatically 'print' any deal details into tasks without much difficulty.

In the business process template, when you are setting the parameters for the "task" addition feature, you have the ability to click a "..." icon next to basically any field. In there, you can select any deal field and, if you click on it, it will insert the code snippet required to display that information when the task is created.

For example, the very beginning of one of ours is: "Contact "{=Document:TITLE}" and let them know their fleet account is active" where the document title segment was inserted by using the "..." button.

Hope this helps.
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