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CRM integration with ecommerce/shopping cart, Is there any ready-made integration between Bitrix24 and other ecommerce or shopping carts?

Currently I set up my website with Joomla.  It is hopefully enhanced with Rocketheme.  And then integrated it with Ecwid shopping cart (but I am to alternatives).

The contact page on the my site is now linked into Bitrix lead module.

Now I am seeking to integrate elements of a shopping cart /ecommerce (category, product, description and quantity) back into Bitrix, sub sector of product, quote and orders.  So if an order is made on the site, it is also pushed forward to CRM part of Bitrix.  Or if in Bitrix when speaking to a customer, able to quote a product and send it off.  Is there any ready-made integration or cost effective ones available?
Hi Mike,

We plan to announce some new options this summer release (June). Do you use Bitrix24 in the cloud or a self-hosted one?


Hi Yana. Is there any update yet on possible solutions?
Hi Moriz,

Unfortunately not, the update I mentioned above has been postponed.


What a bummer :( Do you know if the feature will allow the integration of external webshops like "woocommerce"?  
Hi Moriz

You can contact our partner from The Netherlands about available customization\integrations for the self-hosted version.            
Phone: +31 (0)13-7620150          
Location: Tilburg, the Netherlands
Thank you.


Are integrations only possible through self-hosted versions? Or also through "applications" in the online version?
Hi Moriz!

Our partners can advise about the integration possibility for the on premise version. This option for cloud version is not available.


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