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Bind to User, Can it be use to add additional Responsible person?
I am currently looking for ways to add one more responsible person for the deals or clients. Any one facing this issue? I try to use the customize field to add Bind to user, But I have no idea how to make sure the user can see the deals? Can anyone help on this?
Hi Raymond,

In Bitrix24 each CRM record can have only one responsible person. Access permissions can be granted to responsible person only or to responsible person & department, so that users of the same department will see each others records.


So let say I want more than one person to be responsible I have to do my own customization? By the way what is the BIND USER function use for?
Hi Raymond,

Here's a use case for Bind To User:
Let's say you have a business process (BP) that requires actions to be performed by a few different employees.
You could create a variable for each one (type of variable: Bind To User), set the default value to the actual employee (choose from the drop down field showing all your employees).
Then assign the variables to BP actions like Create Task or maybe Require More Information.
The end result is each employee will be required to execute the action, in the right sequence, or delegate it to another person.

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
I am having the same issue. How can I customize so that a lead can have 2 people responsible....Actually want I really want is one responsible person but the originator of the lead to have visibility of the lead.
As mentioned above - by default Bitrix24 CRM allows to have only one user to be responsible - please note that an amount of system functions are tightly bound to this rule. You may create a work around with a business process but the system will anyway consider only 1 users to be responsible for the record.


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