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Logging information, call details, conversations

I am completely new to Bitrix24 so please bear with me.

I'd really like some advice on where to log information, for instance if I receive a call on the office phone where in the CRM can I log the details of that call? I am thinking using the message option but this is not clear.

Also, using the Bitrix24 App, if someone calls on my mobile whilst i am away from the office, how do I log the details of the call using the App?

Sorry if these are simple questions, just finding my way around it for now :)

Many thanks,

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Richard, are you using Bitrix24 integrated telephony?

If so, a window will open with the caller info if the caller phone # was previously saved somewhere in the CRM.
Also the call will be recorded.
If the caller is unknown, Bitrix24 can optionally create a new lead for you.

If not using telephony, there is some places to enter comments on the lead screen (and other places).
You have links to record calls, create tasks, meetings, etc.

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Hi Ronaldo,

Thank you for your reply.

I'm not using the Bitrix24 integrated telephony at present.

I suppose I'm wanting something much simpler. At present, I am logging details of conversations in the CRM under a contacts name. Not sure if that is the right way, but there doesn't seem anywhere else to do this.

Many thanks,

Maybe this overview will help you move around Bitrix24

Ronaldo Radünz

Bitrix24 Gold Partner
Thank you Ronaldo, much appreciated :)

my employees can not add an call or meeting in the activity stream , but they can add email or task. It is coming up with 'insufficient permission to edit activity' . I can not find the settings for activities , i can only find the general CRM permission settings which i have set for each individual staff member like the attached.

it also will not let me employees add a 'deal' into an activity, this tells them they do not have the access level.

please can you let me know what permission setting to change to fix these two problems.
Hi Jordan,
Yes, you are right. There was a problem, but now it is already fixed. The update will be released in the nearest future. If you want to fix the issue right now, try to add a call or meeting directly from the contact.
thank you for your help. As an administrator i can add calls but my employees can not? is this not a settings problem on my behalf ?
You are welcome!
No, all employees can do it no matter whether they have an administrator role or not )) Let me know if it works for your team. If not, I will send a more detailed instruction.

When I  click on phone number in contacts it goes to Skype, which I use but in the Lead section clicking on a phone number goes to telephony. Is there anyway to customize this and change telephony to skype?

Your link looked useful.

Has it moved elsewhere?


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