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Paypal intergration is anyone can share how to setup?
Hello, I've seems to hit a roadblock and can't successfully configure PayPal payment method of invoicing in CRM.

Basically I have business PayPal account. Activated express invoicing. Generated API credentials. Paste it the Bitrix24 CRM module in payment options.

Create invoice it gives me only wire transfer option but I have a link for online invoicing generated:

copy that link and give it to a client and client getting this:

We cannot process this transaction because there is a problem with the PayPal email address supplied by the seller. Please contact the seller to resolve the problem. If this payment is for an eBay listing, you can contact the seller via the "Ask Seller a Question" link on the listing page. When you have the correct email address, payment can be made at purchase couldn't be completed

There's a problem with the merchant's PayPal account. Please try again later.
Edited: Andrey USer - 07/14/2016 20:44:08
Does anyone even use PayPal in the Bitrix24?
Hi Andrey,

Please contact our Helpdesk with details - they will assist. Thank you!


Yana Privet! We figured it out. There was pretty much - missing peace in Documentation, you do want to update it.

there is a little bit more than just request and provide API credentials.
Thanks for the update, Andrey.


I'm having trouble setting up PayPal as well, so I'd be interested in a link to the PayPal setup documentation. I've been all through this forum, YouTube, and training sites. I'm sure I'm just overlooking something simple. Thx. :)  
Hi Greg!

Please contact our Helpdesk with details - they will assist. Thank you!


Thanks, Yana. Using your link just now, the top of the page says 'Support24 Team is here to help!', but I only get a Buy Online Support link at the bottom of the page. I'm assuming now that I'm past my 30 days since I set up the account, so no support?

I also tried searching in my Chats and Calls window for the Bitrix24 Support name shown in the image, but I don't see that either. :(
I found 'Mia the Intelligent Assistant'...she was more entertaining than helpful haha:

I'm looking for the screen to enter my PayPal information to accept payments.  
Mia You should look on a computer  3:57 pm
haha. In Bitrix, where do I set up PayPal payments.  3:58 pm
Mia I'm glad you find this amusing Not that I know of  3:58 pm
How to accept PayPal payments in Bitrix24  3:58 pm
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Any other suggestions? Thx.
I did find this HelpDesk page:

Number 8 says:
"If you choose to create lead & an invoice - an invoice configuration menu will show up. If you'd like to connect your Paypal account & receive payment from your clients via this from, activateForward to payment page after this form is completed option. Paypal can be configured in Settings > Payment options > Payment system (here you can edit & activate payment options for Paypal, invoices & quotes.)"

So I set up a web form, selected Lead+Create Invoice. Got the configuration menu. But then when I clicked Settings in the left column to go to "Settings > Payment options > Payment system" to "edit & activate payment options for Paypal, invoices & quotes.", I do not have a 'Payment Options' category.  Under the top heading Intranet Settings, I have sub-headings Settings, Security Settings, Services, and Change Your Bitrix24 Address. No 'Payment Options' link or header. :(

Suggestions? Thank you. :)  
UPDATE: I did finally discover that the Settings Page I was clicking in left column (https://[mybitrixnumber] was not the CRM Settings Page I needed (under More: https://[mybitrixnumber]

So now I've found what I believe to be my PayPal settings and I'm trying to find how to fill in these fields on this page (https://[mybitrixnumber][mybitrixpaymentmethodnumber]/). Looks like I needed Signature, Username, Password for PayPal Express Checkout. I finally found a couple (non-Bitrix24) YouTube videos on how to do this by logging into PayPal, enabling Express Checkout, and getting my API info there to paste into Bitrix.

I haven't yet tested this, so fingers crossed. I'm sure you are all busy there at Bitrix24, and my unfamiliarity with this platform certainly played a part, but this 4 week delay just to try to find out WHERE to enter this info (on my own) and WHAT I needed (on my own) with little-to-no-support fr om this forum or fr om the non-existent Help Desk has been a little disheartening. . I still feel that this Bitrix24 platform is quite promising and I do like that you have quite a bit of info on setup and use of this platform, but if there is an existing page or video to show wh ere to click and what info to paste in, I was not able to find this one piece of crucial setup information.  :cry:  

I'm just updating my previous posts here in the hopes that the links above and the info saves the next new Bitrix24 user a month delay trying to figure out that there is more than one Settings Page and wh ere to enter his PayPal info. If you come across this thread and you have questions, feel free to contact me. I might be able to help save you some time and money.  8)

Wishing you all the best in our mutual business endeavors,
Andrey USer wrote:
Yana Privet! We figured it out. There was pretty much - missing peace in Documentation, you do want to upd ate it.

there is a little bit more than just request and provide API credentials.
I'm still stuck on getting PayPal se t up, too. It has been a couple months now, and I've tried numerous combinations, but haven't found the right one. HelpDesk is not accessible to me, except for the nonsensical conversation I posted earlier on this thread. Entertaining, yes...helpful, not so much. haha

I've scoured the tutorials, videos, YouTube, and all other information provided. Is there new documentation with the missing piece of information mentioned by Andrey USer? I'd love to ask Andrey USer directly, since they apparently were able to get PayPal working, but no link is available to message them on the B24 Network and I'm not able to access their HelpDesk ticket link. :(

Any link to an answer or tutorial or Andrey USer would be helpful. I'm really looking fwd to using Bitrix, but without a payment method, I'm starting to think I need to find another platform. :(
Help me,'re my only hope! ;)  
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