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export to excel, error in export to excell

i have a problem, i am an admin in my bitrix24 network, and recently i need to export companies to excel, after the export, when i open the excel file, there are nothing, just a blank worksheet, i am using office 2016, is there any setting that i should config so this file can be full shown and not just blank?

bun  kong
Hi, this may be just a hunch, but when I export companies to excel, the file created, although has a .xls extention, is in fact html.
Open it with a text editor to confirm.

I found this when troubleshooting a problem with excel + windows 10 which would refuse to open the exported file because it was considered "unsafe".
Open xls file properties and "unlock" the file, try to open it again.

Good luck!
Ronaldo Radünz

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