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Deal, Lead, Quote Input or Edit Screens, How to lock once the template has been defined?

I'm trying to understand if we can lock the Input and Edit screens for Deal, Lead and Quote. I've re-arranged the way I want each screen to appear to the users and don't want them to change this. Is this possible? How?

A second question is with fields "Commencement Date" and "Assumed Close Date" can't make them visible during the creation or edit of a Deal ... but they appear when viewing the deal on the top section. Can they be made visible for input when creating a new deal or we edit an exisitng one?

Thanks, José
Hi Jose!

You can use "save preferences for all users" - by default your users (sales agents) will get the form view you have just configured, but they can always reset settings - in this case they will get the default form. At this moment there is no option to lock the configured form for other users, only save.


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