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User permissions and module visability

We are currently using the cloud based professional edition and I'm trying to hide certain features to other users based on permissions.

I can see the permission limits for the CRM side, but I can't hide the "upgrade" under subscriptions. We purchased this for our organization with unlimited users. Why would they need to see the "upgrade" if it's already on the professional plan and paid for by the company? How can we hide this section?

Also, can we hide the "users" section " company structure", and "marketplace" I don't want my users to see these sections.

Thanks in advance.
Edited: Aaron Testerson - 08/18/2016 21:45:25
Hi Aaron!

Thanks for the feedback, we'll take into account your observations about the Upgrade page. As for the Menu options - they should be configured by each user individually. In case you may be considering the self-hosted version - modules can be configured there.


Hi Yana,

Thank you for your reply. How long would it take you to take into account hiding the "upgrade" ? I need to get this rolled out to my company ASAP.

We don't plan to hide upgrade subsection at all, but we will probably change the tabs names on the Upgrade page.


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