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Changes to invoice? Client details now missing on pdf and print., Problem with invoicing.
I put in a support ticket but thought maybe someone could shed some light on this. The invoicing system was working fine until a few days ago when it stopped printing the client info. I checked the settings in the payment system and found that there are now options to edit some fields i.e., header, columns, etc. However client details will not show up. The details are saved under contacts. I can get one detail to appear such as delivery address, phone, or home phone, but not the name and only one of those items will appear. For example, if I set the parameter to delivery address for one field and phone number for another, I will only get the address. If I clear the first field the phone number will appear. Very strange. I've tried selecting details from contact, company, property, all to no avail. It looks as though there was some kind of update that now permits greater configuration which is terrific but may have inadvertently broken some other aspects of the program.  
Hi Jason,

Please kindly report this to our Helpdesk. Thank you!


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