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Set Variable Function, Cannot set variable

I tried recreating the process and i still does not upd ate the variables using "Set Variable" in business processes.
The way it should work:

Variable a = Yes using "Additional Information"
Document field gets modified to Yes using "Modify Document"
Set Variable a1 = Variable a using "Set Variable

Trouble shooting done:
Set Variable a1 = Variable a using "Set Variable"  {Does not upd ate variable}
Set Variable a1 = Using field from Document {Does not update variable}
Se t Variable a1 (txt) = Document value "Document_ID" {Does not update variable}

In summary I need to se t Variable a1 to the Value of Variable a. These are both the same field types in "Additional Information" (Yes/No)
I tried both a & a1 as text/string but it still does not work.

Reason for process:
List of task needs to be completed by agent and then approved by manager (While loop)
*Variable a: Application received - Yes/No = No
*Variable b: Comments - Text = Need more info
Variables are used to confirm if tasks have been completed.
If manager is not happy he declines and the process starts again. Thus the varaibales need to be updated with the first loops data.
*Variable a1: Application received - Yes/No = No(data from variable a)
*Variable b1: Comments - Text = Need more info(data from variable b)

Can anyone assist?

Thank you
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