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E-Mail Integration Questions, Unable to View/Send Mail in Bitrix24
I've recently started using bitrix24 and have been unable to figure out how to get my gmail messages to show up in the software.  I can see the unread count and click webmail to go visit gmail; however from gmail I cannot add leads, make notes, etc on emails from gmail.  In the demo it appears that you can read/send/receive messages from within bitrix24. I have downloaded and installed the "OUTLOOK & GMAIL for Bitrix24" app; however I cannot tell that it does anything in my gmail or bitrix pages.  How do i get this to fuction in some way similar to Daylite from Marketcircle?

Thanks, for your help.

Bitrix24 has 2 options for email integration:

- webmail - that counts unread messages & redirects you to the webmail page

- CRM email integration- read more here


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