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CRM Access Permission, Having problem creating per group access

I created 2 workgroup for each of our Sales Team. I provided them an Account Manager Role that can only read, write, access their own team's database. ONLY their team's.

I read all FAQ, Process and Forums, none help.
I have edited it to Personal to Personal and Department and even to Personal, Department and Subdepartment but to no avail.

Upon checking, either a member can access the entire Sales Team database or none at all (only his/hers).

Both workgroup Team A and Team B are working on different leads, deals and etc and they must not be able to see or have access to the other team's database.  
Edited: Louise Baquiran - 01/06/2017 09:10:30
Hi Louise,

I have edited it
to Personal and Department
Does it work?



I tried to limit the read/write of Deal to Personal and Department but the other team's member can still view the other team's deals which shouldn't be allowed as per my rule set to them.  
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Hi Louise,

Please contact our Helpdesk. Thank you.


Done sending request.

Thanks Yana.  
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