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Deal reports missing email address field
I tried generating a report to export contact details for those customers that generated deals in 2016, also selecting the type of products  they bought. I want to mass email them, hence I need the report to generate the email address too. If I try to tweak an existing report I can't inlcude the email address fields in any of the lead reports. Neither is it possible to list the email address in the deal section. Is it simply not possible or have I overlooked the solution?

Thanks for any help
Hi Caspar,

You can filter contacts, include email address in the List view & export them. In this case you'll get your email list.


Hello Yana,

Thanks for your response. How, within contacts, can I filter for those I have a deal with? The filter fields I have don't include deals or details/statuses of deals.

Thanks again
In this case filtering & records export won't help. Deals export can be done with contact names only, not emails.


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