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invoice editing
Is it possible to not have on our invoices line "ISSUE DATE"? I have edited everything to be in our language, but Bitrix always prints out "ISSUE DATE", "PAY TILL DATE" and "TERMS..." at the end of the invoice. The thing is invoices must not be in another language legally speaking, so we cannot use them.
Hi Luka,

What language do you use? Unfortunately these fields can not be customized, the only thing you can change is Handler (e.g.  German, Spanish, etc.) - in this case these fields will change automatically. (CRM Settings > Payment method > Payment system > open payment - find Handler.


Croatian language.
CRM is unusable for us due to obvious legal reasons (invoices must be in native language).

Are there any plans to enable full customization of quotes and invoices?
We do plan to update quotes & invoices this year - the goal is to make them more flexible, but it is not likely the total localization to native language will become available with this update. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll consider it for future updates.


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